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Embro – Your Strong Partner for Innovative Technical Embroidery
“Made in Germany”.

We are absolutely passionate about technical embroidery. No matter what product we work on – be it electric heating elements & heating mats, smart textiles, textile sensors, or composite applications – we strive for perfection and set new standards on our way. We make the impossible possible.

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Your Expert for Customer-Specific Development & Production

Technical Embroidery According to Your Specifications

We are developers and manufacturers of technical textiles, smart textiles, and e-textiles – and we are ready to serve you. Conductible threads, (stranded) wires, or heat conductors are placed on different carrier materials by our state-of-the-art fiber and wire placement machines. This allows us to manufacture the following elements custom-fit to your needs:


Smart textiles for your industrial application

Electric Heat Mats
& Flexible Heating Elements

Your advantage: You define the layout – shape, size and heating power – freely according to your requirements. We apply highly flexible heating conductors to the textile carrier material and a flexible surface heating element is created.

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Functional Textiles
for Medicical Applications

We already know that the future lies in smart medical textiles that integrate sensors and electronics. Together, we realize stitch by stitch textile innovations in the field of medicine. Trust in us as your manufacturer of medical textiles.

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Textile Sensors
& Antenna Structures

With convincing arguments: textile haptics and at the same time robust, wash/kink resistant and highly conductive. Your new RFID antennas or textile sensors are precisely embroidered and reproducible in large quantities.

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Smart Textiles &
Textile Conductive Tapes

The smart textiles conduct, heat, transmit, receive, measure and can even light up while retaining their textile properties. We integrate clever functions into smart elements for your modern application.

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Flexible Electronics &
Large-area Conductor Paths

On highly flexible or temperature-resistant textiles, we place circuits and conductive tracks, as well as printed circuit boards – as desired and with millimetre precision. Perfect for your safety textiles.

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Tailored Fiber Placement
for Fiber-reinforced Composites

Another field of activity is the production of dry preforms for the manufacture of fiber composites. Bundled carbon fiber strands = rovings are purposefully deposited on a carrier substrate.

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Technical embroidery with wires and heat conductors for smart textiles and flexible heating elements
Reaching Innovation Stitch-by-Stitch

We make the impossible possible.

Our customers in Germany and abroad value us for our unwavering reliability and our flexibility in times of change. We stand for smart textiles / technical textiles / textile composites with the highest quality “made in Germany.” You are looking for a partner who can help you manufacture smart textiles / industrial textiles? If so, it seems as if you were looking for us. We live and breathe embroidery technology, and we make the impossible possible.

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Innovation with responsibility

Embro technical textiles are sustainable and resource-saving

All technical textiles that we produce for you in the form of heat mats, smart textiles, textile sensors and flexible circuit boards are sustainable compared to conventional solutions and conserve resources. We rely on lightweight, textile carrier materials made of fleece, flax or cotton. The conductors we use have only a thin insulation of plastic and are only applied where the function is really necessary.

Production using innovative embroidery technology requires few resources. The electricity for this is largely generated by our photovoltaic system. We produce in Germany at our location in Falkenstein, which saves you long transport distances. Our products are durable and wear-free. The end of life of the product in which they are used defines the end of life of the technical textile. The materials can be easily disposed of.

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Embro technical textiles are sustainable and resource-saving
discover the world of smart textiles

News from Embro

Embro continuously reinvents itself in order to offer you the smartest textiles. Trying new things is our core competency. Learn more about the latest news from Embro.

Frost protection with pipe trace heating
June 2024
Frost protection with pipe trace heating

Frost protection with pipe trace heating ► Cost-effective series production ✓ flexible heating conductor for easy installation

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Embro celebrates inauguration of new production facility
May 2024
Embro celebrates inauguration of new production facility

Embro celebrates inauguration ►New chapter ushered in with good humor

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Mobile heating systems with control
April 2024
Mobile heating systems with control

Mobile heating systems with control ► Not location-bound thanks to rechargeable battery solution ✓ Low-cost production ✓ Numerous possible applications

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Why choose Embro?

Customer-specific and innovative solutions
Quality made in Germany
wealth of experience and know-how
reliable and passionate
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We can meet all of your needs with the perfect smart textile solution. We would be more than happy to develop and manufacture your custom-fit product, so do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your call.

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