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3 Questions about Coils for Magnetic Field Systems in Medicine and Therapy

Where are magnetic field mats used?
The coils currently manufactured by us are processed by our customers into so-called electromagnetic field mats. These mats are used in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. Many PEMF devices are suitable for private use at home. However, various health service providers including physical therapists as well as non-medical practitioners offer therapies based on magnetic fields.

Why is our embroidery technology used for production?
This technique creates circular-shaped structures that form the basis for a homogeneous flow/direction of the electric current. At the same time, the mechanical wire laying has an extremely high level of accuracy. The distances can also precisely be determined.

How is the magnetic field created?
Simply put, this is how electromagnetic fields are created: pulsating magnetic fields are generated by the electric current flowing through the wire. The more wire, the stronger the magnetic field.

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