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Embro - Your Developer &
Manufacturer of Smart Textiles

Embro (short for embroidery) has gathered a wealth of experience in the area of technical embroidery / technical textiles over the course of the years. By specializing in and focusing on the field of functional textiles / smart textiles, we have become an innovative and competent partner for our customers.

Our Philosophy
Reliable and Innovative

Grow with Us


We expand our production capacity. At the new location in Falkenstein/Vogtland, an office and social building as well as a production and storage hall will be built.


Another new 5-head serial embroidery machine and a laser cutting system with shuttle table move into the production area.



The growth of the company is clearly noticeable: Enlargement of the Embro team to over 40 employees.


Embro invests in the world’s largest embroidery machine allowing us to embroidery elements of sizes of 2,500 x 1,650mm.


More machinery is needed and a new laser cutting system is acquired.


Embro grows: We double our production area and therefore the overall production.


A new addition to our machinery: a camera-based CNC cutting system.


Our contribution to a sustainable world: Embro installs a photovoltaic system.


We start the serial production of components for the aviation industry.


Innovation is the key: We acquire a new embroidery machine with dimensions of 5x12 m. This machine combines different embroidery modules, which allows us to bring forth new innovations.


Embro goes international: We serve our first customers abroad.


Embro invests in its first laser cutting system, and our quality management becomes certified under ISO 9001 by TÜV Süd.


Embro starts doing business with the help of 3 employees and 2 CNC embroidery machines.


Founding year of the company Embro initial development work

Laminierung & Kaschierung von Halbzeugen für smarte Textileien und fleible Heizelemente
Flexible Heizelemente und technische Textilien von Embro
Innovation Made in Saxony

Our Philosophy

It is you, our customer, who is our priority number one at Embro. We understand ourselves as problem solvers, and we constantly and primarily aim at meeting and exceeding your expectations. Based on clear communication, unwavering reliability, and quick decision making, we are determined to reach our goal.

Innovation means teamwork which is why we make sure that our suppliers display the same readiness to innovate and the same high level of flexibility that is integral to our company. This makes it possible for us to guarantee our customers that they can count on an impeccable innovation process defined by absolute reliability, speediness, and the output of highly innovative products.

For our company we deliberately chose a location in Saxon Vogtland, Germany, due to the region’s rich history and long-standing experience in the field of embroidery. Right here, we have been able to find the highly skilled staff that is required in order to satisfy the various needs of our customers and that continuously strives for and achieves excellence throughout the production process. Thus, knowing that we are capable of finding and winning over the best people for our endeavor, we are optimistic that our business development is on the path to a bright future.

Moreover, we foster an innovative culture that lets grow symbiotic relationships with partners specialized in R&D, electrical engineering and textile finishing. Hence, innovation is our day-to-day business.

Embro manufactures technical textiles, which we can proudly label as “Made in Germany.” We are eager to share our know-how and innovations with you.

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Innovation with Responsibility

Embro Technical Textiles are Sustainable and Resource-saving

All technical textiles that we produce for you in the form of heat mats, smart textiles, textile sensors and flexible circuit boards are sustainable compared to conventional solutions and conserve resources. We rely on lightweight, textile carrier materials made of fleece, flax or cotton. The conductors we use have only a thin insulation of plastic and are only applied where the function is really necessary.

Production using innovative embroidery technology requires few resources. The electricity for this is largely generated by our photovoltaic system. We produce in Germany at our location in Auerbach, which saves you long transport distances. Our products are durable and wear-free. The end of life of the product in which they are used defines the end of life of the technical textile. The materials can be easily disposed of.

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Technische Textilien von Embro sind nachhaltig und ressourcenschonend

Embro News

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17. November 2023

Embro wins the 2023 Entrepreneur Award in Germany

Entrepreneur Award 2023 ► Embro is Saxony's Company 2023 ✓ Video shows our image film
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11. October 2023

Embro employee rides a bike to the Arctic Circle

NorthCape4000 ► Embro employee rides her bike to the Arctic Circle ✓ 3,800 kilometers across Europe
29. September 2023

Embro celebrates topping out ceremony

Topping-out ceremony ► Shell of new office and production building completed ✓ We say thank you ✓ The future can come
celebrate topping out ceremony manufacturer embroCompanyNews
18. September 2023

Embro celebrates topping out ceremony

Topping-out ceremony ► Shell of new office and production building completed ✓ We say thank you ✓ The future can come
15. August 2023

Photos: Construction progress of Embro GmbH

Construction progress ► New Embro building shown in pictures from a bird's eye view. ✓ A view from above
Spatenstich in Falkenstein: Embro wächst am neuen StandortCompanyNews
28. March 2023

Embro is growing at the new location

Expansion of production capacities ► New construction of production hall and warehouse ✓ Attractive employer ✓ More economic power ✓ Falkenstein/Vogtland