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From a First Layout to Serial Production

Custom-made textiles and technical embroidery that exactly meet your needs and specifications – this is what you get when working with Embro. We have the necessary attention to detail and know-how in order to create the perfect technical or smart textile product together with our customers. We do not want our customers to be merely satisfied – we want them to be thrilled about what we have been creating.

Our Process
Discover the World of Smart Textiles

From Idea to Product: Understanding Our Product Development Process

We are always researching better and even more tailored solutions to develop high-performance technical textiles for you and your customers. Our innovative and highly trained experts ensure our further development in the field of smart and technical textiles.

How We Develop Your Product at Embro

Getting in touch and consultation

Contact us to discuss your idea.

We truly value each of our customers, and therefore we promise to get back to you within 48h after the first time you contacted us.

Optimal product and process development

We find a solution for your idea and an optimal process chain in combination with existing know-how and new technologies. We select the best carrier material and the optimal layout for laying the conductive threads, strands, wires or heating conductors. In doing so, we always keep an eye on economic efficiency and functionality.

Releasing the layout

At this point it is up to you: Have we been able to bring all your specifications together in one layout?

Generating the CNC data

We carefully create the required CNC data. This forms the basis for the production of your semi-finished products on our computer-controlled embroidery machines with high productivity and repeatability.

Making prototypes

After we have received your approval, we start manufacturing your prototypes. Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks after the release of layout until you receive your prototypes.

Test your prototype

It is time for you to test your prototype thoroughly. After you have done so, we can discuss potential optimizations of the product. We are not done with our development work on this project until you are completely satisfied with your product.

Serial Production

As soon as you give us the go-ahead and as soon as all details and parameters are clear, we start with the serial production of your product. Moreover, we are content to know that we have managed to secure a new and strong partnership.

Further processing of your embroidered semi-finished products at Embro

Processing: Cutting individual parts at the manufacturer of smart textiles Embro

Cutting Individual Components

Our CNC cutters with their mechanical cutting tools or our CO2 laser cutting systems cut even the most complicated layouts from textile surfaces effectively, with millimeter precision and at low cost.

Learn more about our cutting technologies.

Technische Stickerei - Weiterverarbeitung mittels Kalt- oder Heißkaschierung oder Laminierung

Lamination & Laminating

Further processing of the embroidered semi-finished products is carried out by means of cold or hot lamination or lamination, depending on your requirements and the materials used.

Learn more about these technologies.

Processing: Contacting at the manufacturer of smart textiles Embro

Contacting & Sensor Integration

On request, we supply the semi-finished products with electrical connection, thermoswitches, NTC or other cable solutions – also with individual connector solutions.

Learn more about contacting.

Your Idea – Our Challenge in Product Development

Do you have an idea how to integrate one or more smart functions seamlessly and almost invisibly into your product to offer your customers even more convenience and product benefits?

Your products can do much more, for example with:

✓ A flexible but kink-resistant heating element.
✓ Sensors or electrodes on a biocompatible carrier material
Sensors or antennas seamlessly integrated into washable textiles
Highly flexible circuit boards and cable harnesses – even in demanding environments
✓ A targeted reinforcement made of carbon or other fibers

With our experience, this is already possible today! Contact us to find an embroidered solution for your idea as well.

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Technische Stickerei von Embro für flexible Heizelemente, smart Textiles, textile Sensoren & Composite Anwendungen
Highest Quality Standards

Our Quality Management

It is our conviction that all of our products and services must excel in terms of their quality. We understand that we can only gain and maintain the trust of our customers when complying with the highest standards. Hence, we have always adhered to international standards. While doing so, we continuously evaluated and improved our business, development, and production processes. In order to document our efforts when it comes to quality management, we decided to become certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2014. Since our commitment to working to the highest standards has not changed, TÜV Süd was able to certify us yet again.

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Innovation with Responsibility

Embro Technical Textiles are Sustainable and Resource-saving

All technical textiles that we produce for you in the form of heat mats, smart textiles, textile sensors and flexible circuit boards are sustainable compared to conventional solutions and conserve resources. We rely on lightweight, textile carrier materials made of fleece, flax or cotton. The conductors we use have only a thin insulation of plastic and are only applied where the function is really necessary.

Production using innovative embroidery technology requires few resources. The electricity for this is largely generated by our photovoltaic system. We produce in Germany at our location in Auerbach, which saves you long transport distances. Our products are durable and wear-free. The end of life of the product in which they are used defines the end of life of the technical textile. The materials can be easily disposed of.

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Technische Textilien von Embro sind nachhaltig und ressourcenschonend

Technical embroidery is our passion.

More about our embroidery technology
Specialist for Smart Textiles

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