From a First Layout to Serial Production

Custom-made textiles and technical embroidery that exactly meet your needs and specifications – this is what you get when working with Embro. We have the necessary attention to detail and know-how in order to create the perfect technical or smart textile product together with our customers. We do not want our customers to be merely satisfied – we want them to be thrilled about what we have been creating.

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From Idea to Product: Understanding Our Development Process

Our developmental progress in the field of smart and technical textiles is guaranteed by our team of innovative and highly skilled experts. Doing research on textile solutions that gradually and steadily improve the quality of our products is essential to the work we do at Embro. This is important as we seek to create the highest-performance textiles in order to maximize their usefulness to our customers.

Our Development Process

Getting in touch and consultation

We truly value each of our customers, and therefore we promise to get back to you within 48h after the first time you contacted us.

Optimal product and process development

Releasing the layout

At this point it is up to you: Have we been able to bring all your specifications together in one layout?

Generating the CNC data

We diligently generate the needed CNC data.

Making prototypes

After we have received your approval, we start manufacturing your prototypes. Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks after the release of layout until you receive your prototypes.

Test your prototype

It is time for you to test your prototype thoroughly. After you have done so, we can discuss potential optimizations of the product. We are not done with our development work on this project until you are completely satisfied with your product.

Serial Production

As soon as you give us the go-ahead and as soon as all details and parameters are clear, we start with the serial production of your product. Moreover, we are content to know that we have managed to secure a new and strong partnership.

Highest Quality Standards

Our Quality Management

It is our conviction that all of our products and services must excel in terms of their quality. We understand that we can only gain and maintain the trust of our customers when complying with the highest standards. Hence, we have always adhered to international standards. While doing so, we continuously evaluated and improved our business, development, and production processes. In order to document our efforts when it comes to quality management, we decided to become certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2014. Since our commitment to working to the highest standards has not changed, TÜV Süd was able to certify us yet again.

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Technical embroidery is our passion.

We offer our customers a broad range of different technologies which allow us to cover the entire field of technical embroidery.

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Flexible Electric Heating Elements
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Functional Textiles
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Flexible Electronics & Large-area Conductor Paths


Tailored Fiber Placement for Fiber-reinforced Composites