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Enclosure heating: Cost-effective and flexible to manufacture

To ensure the optimum performance of components in electrical enclosures / Switch cabinet heaters and protect them from the effects of extreme temperatures, we offer cost-effective enclosure heaters for the B2B market. They are cost-effective to manufacture and offer a long service life in demanding environments by being maintenance-free.

Enclosure heaters prevent temperature fluctuations, which in turn can lead to problems such as condensation, moisture ingress and even freezing of electrical components. Short circuits, corrosion and premature component failure are the result, leading to expensive downtime and repairs.

Switch cabinet heaters: Our cost-effective alternative

Our control cabinet heaters, manufactured using an innovative embroidery process, are cost-effective and space-saving. This advanced technology allows a high degree of reproducibility with an even distribution of the heating material. At the same time, it enables precise control of the heating power and easy adaptation to the specific requirements of different enclosures.

Advantages of enclosure heaters / Switch cabinet heaters

Temperature control: Enclosure heaters ensure a constant temperature in the enclosure, regardless of the external conditions. This extends the service life of the electrical components and optimizes their performance.
Condensation prevention: Maintaining an appropriate temperature prevents the formation of condensation, which prevents corrosion and short circuits.
Protection against frost: In environments with low temperatures, enclosure heaters prevent components from freezing and thus ensure their functionality.
Flexibility and adaptability: Our modern enclosure heaters are available in various sizes and power levels to meet the requirements of different applications. They can also be easily integrated into existing enclosures.

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Embro is a manufacturer of flexible, electric heating elements in individual sizes and shapes for the B2B market. We develop individual solutions for our customers – including manufacturers of infrared heaters – and produce cost-effectively in Germany – from prototypes to small and large series.

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