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New Crimping Machine to Facilitate Efficient Contacting - fast and absolutely precise

Our latest acqusition -a new crimping machine- now complements our machinery, which allows us to offer the crimping of heat conductors and leads as an efficient solution to our customers. With its easy-to-use user interface and state-of-the-art functionalities, the machine simplifies the contacting process and ensures a consistently high quality. Two of the many advantages of this new technology are the possibility to have saved cutting settings for indivual products or product groups as well as the fact that we can now switch within seconds between isolated and unisolated wires.

Since one of the machine’s crimping cycles is concluded within less than one second, the crimping process for our textile heating mats has become super fast and is now of impeccable precision.

Adding this innovative technology to our repertoire ultimately means actively advancing the automation of our electrical contacting and connection processes in our factory.

Who can benefit from our new technology?
✔️ You, if you need heating elements or mats that come with a plug.
✔️ You, if you need connectors for your PEMF mats.
✔️ You, if your innovative project needs any electrical contacting.

Discover the advantages of automated contacting and bring your production efficiency to the next level.

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