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Damage Sensing: Safety textiles for transport protection and fiber composites / Battery Housing.

Damage Sensing for Transport Protection

Damage sensing plays a critical role in today’s globalized economy for the safe and efficient transportation of goods. To effectively protect goods from damage during transportation, transport packaging must have a robust structure. Embro’s advanced technologies, such as pressure sensors, play a key role in maximizing the safety of your customers’ transported goods while increasing logistics efficiency. We manufacture the appropriate semi-finished products for the B2B sector.

Damage Sensing represents an advanced technology that enables materials and textiles to detect and actively report potential damage or stress during transportation. This approach revolutionizes the way you can monitor and ensure the protection of goods and products throughout their journey.

Applications in transport protection and logistics

✔ Proactive damage detection: By integrating sophisticated sensors, security textiles can identify potential damage or stress at an early stage. This makes it possible to take immediate countermeasures before a problem worsens. Furthermore, the technology is suitable for identifying leaking containers when it comes to hazard detection of hazardous substances.

✔ Real-time monitoring: Damage Sensing enables continuous real-time monitoring of transported goods. Deviations from the defined parameters can be detected and reported immediately, resulting in fast responses and increased safety.

✔ Data-driven optimization: The collected data from the Damage Sensing systems provide valuable insights into transport patterns, weak points, and optimization potential. This enables your customers to continuously improve their logistics strategies.

Increased customer confidence and benefits in insurance claims

One particularly noteworthy impact is the increase in customer confidence. Companies that invest in innovative technologies such as pressure sensors demonstrate their commitment to the security of customer shipments. This illustrates that the company is willing to go beyond traditional standards to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods being transported. Increased customer confidence leads to long-term loyalty and a positive reputation for the company.

The detailed data collected by smart security textiles also has a significant impact on insurance claims. In the event of a loss, the accurate data from the sensors can help document and assess the extent of the damage. This precise information enables more accurate and faster processing of insurance claims. This, in turn, leads to reduced delays and optimized claims processing.

Damage Sensing for Fiber Composites / Battery Housing

Damage sensing refers to the ability to detect damage, wear or defects in a component before they lead to serious safety risks or failures. In the context of fiber composites, damage sensing involves monitoring and analyzing factors such as stress changes, cracking, delamination or deformation. Traditionally, such damage is often difficult to detect because it is not always visible and can be hidden within the structure.

Damage sensing plays to its strengths particularly in so-called battery housing and increases safety, for example in electric vehicles. If potential irregularities lie dormant in the depths of the fiber composite structure of the battery housing, microscopic cracks could develop. Using the advanced method, which relies on monitoring electrical resistances in the component, this incipient damage is detected.

Advantages of damage sensing for fiber composites

✔ Early detection: Damage can be detected at an early stage, allowing repairs or replacements to be made before serious problems occur.

✔ Safety: Continuous monitoring contributes to safety by minimizing potential risks.

✔ Extended service life: Timely treatment of damage can extend the service life of components.

✔ Cost savings: Avoiding major repairs or replacements results in long-term cost savings.

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