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Flame-retardant elements for seat heaters - Comfort meets safety

Seat heating primarily provides more comfort and well-being to the user. However, there are numerous applications for which a high level of safety is equally important. For example in aviation, there are standardized specifications that require the use of special materials. For one of our customer projects, we therefore use flame-retardant textiles and components.

For the electrical heating element, the heating wire is embroidered with aramid yarn on the Fireblocker carrier material made of aramid fabric.
The factory-fitted cable feed for plug-in connections or for installing controllable switches -as well as the supply line to the power pack- make installation at the customer’s site easier.

Who knows, maybe you’ll have the chance of sitting on a heated airplane seat the next time you go on vacation or when you’re headed to a business meeting. In that case, you will now know what the heating element can look like and what special properties it has.

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