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Popular all-rounders: Flexible connecting elements as an elastic embroidery pattern with double wire

Manufacturers of clothing and outfitters for sports and leisure are increasingly relying on intelligent tracking systems in their articles. They equip helmets, , gloves etc. with useful additional functions. Then, for example, the ski goggles record data or the helmet records information from the athlete.

The variety of applications is limitless, and products are constantly adapted to the wishes of the customers. However, developers in different industries often ask themselves the same questions:

How does the data transfer to and from smart textiles, wearables and e-textiles work?

Embro’s solution to this problem are flexible connecting elements. Depending on the length of the desired cable, an elastic pattern is embroidered onto a stretchable band. The layouts can be linear or arbitrarily complex with curves, in accordance with to the developer’s specifications. If several connections are required for data transfer, a double wire is laid and fixed to the carrier tape.

How is the functional unit or tracker powered?

In addition to embroidered wires for data transfer, Embro also manufactures electrical leads as flexible tapes. The desired wire thickness should not exceed 1 mm. The corresponding voltage and current are individually adjusted in the manufacturing process. Appropriate plugs and connections are available ready-made on request; i.e., the customer component can be optimally and reliably supplied with energy.

Top: Flexible, textile conductor paths
✔️ for data transfer
✔️ as wiring harnesses
✔️ as an electrical power supply

Focus industries in the B2B area:
✔️ Sports & Leisure
✔️ Medicine & Therapy
✔️ Gear for military, hunting & outdoors

More about flexible electronics & large-area conductor paths

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