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Flexible electronics enable mobile structures & designs - Benefits for developers and companies

Embro produces flexible electronics for circuit boards and conductor paths using advanced embroidery technology, which offers a number of benefits to developers in the B2b sector. The following benefits can help meet customer product requirements and create innovative solutions:

Flexible design –
Embro’s embroidered PCBs are able to adapt to different layouts and sizes, allowing for a variety of devices that need to be mobile and flexible in their application. This is a key advantage for designers who create flexible and kink-resistant products and need reliable components.

Durability and high-temperature resistance –
Manufactured from high-quality wire, yarn, and substrate, embroidered circuits are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of frequent bending and forming. As a result, they have a long service life and can be used reliably in harsh environments with high temperatures (up to 250°C).

In summary, Embro’s flexible circuit boards and large-area electronics offer a wide range of benefits to designers, innovation managers, and companies looking for individual solutions for their customers’ products. Their flexibility, durability, and excellent performance make them a great option for developing innovative and effective products.

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