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At Embro there is something "in" the ears -
hearing protection for the workplace

Yes, you read that right, we don’t put anything “on our ears” but we have something “in our ears”. Namely individualized hearing protection for all employees in the noisy production environment. Although the production area is not too loud and does not exceed any occupational safety limit values, we provide our employees individualized hearing protection. The hearing protection plugs are created by an experienced audiologist in our region, Hörwelt Minnerop Auerbach.

Who is equipped with individually fitted hearing protection at Embro?
90% of our employees with noisy operating environments use the professional hearing protection made of soft silicone, the individual adjustment of the in-ear plugs is particularly convincing. This preventive service is voluntary and free of charge for the staff.

Why did Embro choose this professional hearing protection?
To Embro, the quality of products is paramount, and the same applies to the work equipment of the employees. If the hearing protection is inferior and a standard article, then it may not meet the individual requirements of the respective employee and will therefore only be insufficiently -if at all- used.
If we offer our employees professional hearing protection that is fitted directly to the ears of the person at hand, then this is also a high form of respect for the individual. And in the end, hearing protection will certainly be preferred and used more often.

How did Embro come up with this idea?
The idea arose from the question of how Embro can create an environment that enhances the employees’ wellbeing at work by making an active contribution to improving the workplace situation of the individual.

After the decision to implement this measure was made, our staff was informed about this offer and gradually the ear plugs became part of everyday work. Now everytime someone new joins our Embro family, s/he is made aware of this opportunity.

We would like to thank Doreen Minnerop, our reliable partner for professional hearing protection, for the many years of successful cooperation.

Hörwelt Minnerop
Inhaberin Doreen Minnerop
Bebelstraße 10
08209 Auerbach


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