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Heat for Clothing Textiles - heating element with switch and power bank connection

Be it for jackets, sweaters or shirts, smart heating elements can be manufactured individually in the desired size and with the required heat output. To do this, we lay the heating wire on a flexible carrier material with a patch surface and we can also add control buttons to the heating pad. The entire heating module can, then, be easily laminated by the fabricator in/onto the piece of clothing to be heated using a hot press.

Easily integrated heating element –
Benefits for the customer:

✔️ the back material is already equipped with a special hotmelt layer and can be integrated (patched on) directly into the garment at the textile manufacturer’s factory
✔️ the on/off button has already been connected to the heating element by us and checked for functionality
✔️ the connection cable for a power bank is equipped with a USB-C plug

This example of heated clothing shows the many possibilities of customized heating elements:

✔️ Freely definable heating power
✔️ individual layouts for the heating circuit
✔️ Recesses and free shapes can be selected (produced by laser cutting systems)
✔️ Integration of buttons, switches and connectors

In addition, the elements manufactured by Embro GmbH – specialist for smart textiles are quickly available, and they are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

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