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Sandwich construction: Heating elements with foam insulation. the perfect solution for outdoor applications

Efficient heat output through foam insulation
Our foam-insulated heating elements offer an all-round solution for outdoor use. The sandwich construction, shown here with foam and another textile layer, produces directed radiant heat – in this case upwards – and the foam insulation ensures that the heat is used efficiently and not lost – downwards.

Wipeable and dirt-resistant heating elements for outdoor application
The heating wires are optimally protected by the top layer of plastic and form a closed unit. The textile nature of the heating elements makes them flexible and kink resistant. In addition, as semi-finished products, they are wipeable and dirt-resistant, making them ideal for use in outdoor equipment and systems. Whether for leisure facilities or outdoor energy systems, our heating elements provide a reliable solution for efficient and uniform heat output, even in adverse conditions.

Easy integration into systems and mats
Our outdoor heaters offer a complete design for easy integration into your manufacturing process. You can quickly and easily add our product to your system or heater mat and reap the benefits.

Find out more about our foam insulated heaters
Contact us today to find out how our foam-insulated heating elements can help you optimise your outdoor heating performance or ensure even heat distribution for your customers. We will be happy to advise and work with you to find the right solution for your needs. Our serial production offers you a variety of sizes and individual shapes according to your specifications.

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