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Efficient heat for on the road: heating for caravans and motor homes

To avoid icy surprises on the road, at Embro we offer various heaters for motorhomes and caravans that make camping trips a comfortable experience even in the cold winter months or on cool evenings in spring or autumn.

Heaters for motorhomes: Feel at home even on vacation

Especially on colder days, do your customers want the coziness of their own home in their caravan or motor home as well? This is where our electric heating elements come in, which can be installed in upholstery and mattresses. For comfortably warm feet, heating carpets or large-area underfloor heating systems ensure efficient heat emission and pleasant, even heat distribution.

Advantages of electric heaters for caravans and mobile homes

✔ In contrast to alternative heating systems, electric heating solutions offer some decisive advantages. The short warm-up time ensures that the pleasant warmth spreads quickly everywhere. The heating elements can be individually tempered without heating the entire living space of the camper. This gives your customers the freedom to adjust the temperature exactly to their needs and save energy.

✔ Another plus point of our heating systems is their ease of retrofitting. Thanks to their compact design and simple installation, they can usually be integrated into existing motor homes and caravans without any extensive conversion work. This enables a quick and uncomplicated upgrade of your vehicle to equip it optimally for the cold season or chilly nights.

✔ What’s more, our electric heating solutions produce no emissions, which benefits both the environment and the indoor air. Other plus points include low maintenance costs and greater comfort thanks to quiet operation. Our heating systems are designed to be durable and reliable.

✔ The mobility and low weight of our heating systems make them a reliable companion for camping trips. Whether your customers are camping in the mountains, relaxing on the beach, or spending time in idyllic natural surroundings, our heating elements will keep them warm and create a cozy atmosphere.

Winterproof: Extended camping season with tank heaters

To make your camping trip a great experience even on frosty days, water and waste water tank heaters for caravans and motorhomes are the perfect solution. A tank heater is a far better alternative to conventional tank insulation. While the latter only compensate for sub-zero temperatures for a limited time, our tank heaters permanently maintain the necessary temperature. Thus, frozen water and wastewater tanks are a thing of the past and your trip does not have to end abruptly due to a defective wastewater system.

Advantages of tank heaters:

Frost protection: a tank heater protects water and wastewater tanks from freezing in cold temperatures.
Warm water: with a tank heater, you provide warm water for showers, flushing and other purposes, regardless of the outside temperature. This increases comfort and allows a pleasant stay in the motorhome, even in winter conditions.
Longer service life: The tank heater helps to extend the life of the water and waste water tanks. The risk of damage from frozen pipes or cracks in the tanks is reduced, resulting in savings on repair and replacement costs in the long term.
Energy efficiency: Modern tank heaters are energy efficient and consume little electricity.
Reliability: Tank heaters are known for their reliability and ensure constant heat output, so your customers can focus entirely on their adventure without worrying about water and wastewater supplies.

Learn more about our heaters

Embro is a manufacturer of flexible, electric heating elements in custom sizes and shapes. We develop individual heating mats for our customers – including outfitters and rental companies of caravans and motor homes. We produce the cost-effective heating mats in Germany – from prototypes to small and large series.

We will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right solution for your requirements.

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