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Versatile industrial heating jackets and drum heaters for optimal temperature control

Industrial heating jackets and drum heaters (also known as tank heaters) are an extremely versatile solution for various applications in industrial processes. They create a uniform and precise temperature environment, e.g. for the storage and processing of chemical substances, food and pharmaceutical substances. Embro’s heating jackets and tank heaters provide reliable heat transfer for any type of material, such as metal or plastic tanks.

Our surface heating systems are highly efficient, economical and flexible. Our special manufacturing technique using embroidery technology allows us to produce heating jackets and tank heaters cost-effectively in a lightweight and large-area design without sacrificing performance. Especially for IBC tanks, they provide effective frost and crystallization prevention for stored precipitants. The ability to use the tanks on a mobile basis and to set them up at different locations makes logistical handling much easier and enables optimum use of space.

Trace heaters are versatile

Another advantage of these trace heaters is their versatility. In addition to their use for IBC containers, drums and tanks, they are ideal for the process-safe transport of liquids and gases in pipes and lines. They effectively prevent freezing and viscosity changes in cold conditions, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the entire industrial plant. Embro trace heaters are used in many industries, such as the food industry, the chemical industry, or in the processing of adhesives and lubricants.

Increased safety standard with protection class 2

We place particular emphasis on the safety of our products and have therefore developed double-insulated heating elements with protection class 2. They minimize the risk of short circuits when you process hazardous substances in demanding environments. The double insulation and the absence of a protective conductor help to reduce electrical interference and ensure the stability and efficiency of the heating elements in the long term.

Overall, our industrial heating jackets and tank heaters provide premium protection and reliable heat control for a wide range of industrial applications. The energy efficiency, flexibility and safety of these heating solutions make them the ideal choice for you as a business looking for reliable and effective heating systems to keep your processes running smoothly and productively.

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