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Know-how: Heating mats for lithium-ion accumulators and batteries

Heizmatten für Lithium-Ionen-Akkus und Batterien vom Hersteller Embro

In industrial contexts, a heated battery can be compared to an athlete warming up before competition. Similar to the athlete, the battery prepares for its “performance” by reaching its optimal operating temperature to ensure maximum performance.

Improve the performance and longevity of your products

Embro designs and manufactures custom heating mats for lithium-ion (LiIon) batteries and accumulators, specifically tailored to the needs of your industrial applications. They protect your battery from temperature fluctuations both during charging and operation and offer the following benefits:

✔️ Optimization of performance

✔️ Extension of service life

✔️ Increase reliability

Protect the batteries and accumulators of your industrial products from low outdoor temperatures or extreme operating conditions cold storage, space, deep sea, etc.) with the help of a lightweight and affordable heating mat from Embro.

Customized heating mats for your requirements

Let us know your specific requirements in terms of heating power, heat distribution, shape, size and other necessary parameters. Together with you, we will develop a customized heating mat for your industrial product.

We already take your further processing into account during development and can, for example, equip the heating mats with self-adhesive film (on one or both sides) to enable super-easy attachment to the battery, accumulator or housing. We also integrate sensors for temperature monitoring.

Production is economical and is done in large and small batches directly on-site at our facility.

Preheat, preheat or heat continuously

Embro electric heating mats are suitable for many methods and strategies to heat the batteries and accumulators in your products. The details are best discussed in personal contact. Get to know us and our electric heating mats!

Application of textile heating mats for batteries and accumulators:
✔️ in electric cars and hybrid vehicles.
✔️ for e-commercial vehicles
✔️ for electric industrial trucks
✔️ other battery-powered and battery-operated industrial applications

Equip your products with an individual, flexible heating mat from Embro!


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