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Mobile heating systems with control

Where mobility, low weight and individual comfort are important, mobile heating elements with controls are an excellent solution. They not only offer the freedom to move independently of a fixed power source. Depending on the control, they also allow users to adjust the heat according to their personal preferences.

As a manufacturer of semi-finished products, we produce heating elements individually for the B2B market using a cost-effective embroidery process. The heating elements are versatile and suitable for numerous applications in different environments. Be it in industry, healthcare, outdoor sports or everyday use.

Mobile heating systems with control

Flexibility and mobility: Thanks to the integration of rechargeable battery technology, mobile heating elements are not dependent on an external power source. Whether hiking in the mountains or providing emergency care for patients outdoors – these heating elements offer the freedom to take heat with you wherever you go.
Compact design: Mobile heaters with controls are usually compact and lightweight, which improves their portability and handling. They can be easily transported in backpacks, bags or vehicles and take up little space, making them ideal for traveling.
Precise temperature control: A key feature that distinguishes mobile heating elements with battery and control is their temperature control. By integrating thermostats and multi-stage switches, the heat can be regulated accordingly. This functionality proves extremely useful in situations that require dynamic heat control.
High level of safety: The mobile heating systems are equipped with safety functions that prevent overheating and thus reduce the risk of fire or other accidents. Depending on requirements, we integrate double-insulated heating conductors to increase the safety standard by protection class 2.
Low-noise operation: Compared to traditional heaters, mobile heaters with controls are quiet in their operation. This is particularly advantageous in situations where a quiet environment is required. In addition, they are low-wear and low-maintenance, which in turn increases reliability.

Possible applications for mobile heating elements with controls

From outdoor adventures to industrial applications and medical care, the mobile heating mats offer a reliable and effective solution for providing heat on the move. The possible applications are therefore virtually unlimited.

Outdoor activities: Portable heating mats are ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing or hunting. They provide a portable heat source that allows you to keep warm in cold weather without relying on an external power source. Camping chairs, sleeping bags or tents can be equipped with heating mats to provide additional comfort.
Emergency medical care: Mobile heaters are crucial for emergency medical care, especially during rescue operations outdoors or in remote areas. They can be deployed quickly to warm hypothermic patients and provide life-saving warmth. In the event of accidents or disasters, they can also help to improve the health of those affected until professional medical help arrives.
Sporting events: At outdoor sporting events such as skiing, snowboarding or soccer matches, heating mats with rechargeable batteries can be used to heat seating areas, for example. Athletes can warm up on heated mats between competitions, which helps to prevent injuries caused by hypothermia. Animals also benefit, for example with heated horse blankets.
Working environments: In work environments exposed to low temperatures, such as construction sites, warehouses or outdoor workshops, heating mats with rechargeable batteries can be used to keep employees warm and increase their productivity
Household and leisure: Heating mats with rechargeable batteries can be used in the home for various purposes, e.g. to preheat beds, to heat outdoor seating or to create a warm atmosphere on the patio or balcony. They are also useful for outdoor activities such as picnics or barbecues to increase comfort and prolong outdoor enjoyment.

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Embro is a manufacturer of flexible, electric heating elements in individual sizes and shapes for the B2B market. We develop individual solutions for our customers – including manufacturers of infrared heaters – and produce cost-effectively in Germany – from prototypes to small and large series.

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