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Boosting employee motivation
through qualification opportunities

Software Training to Implement
the Digital Requirements for Product Design

Six of our colleagues from the ​​technical product development department recently attended the software training course for the area “Patterns and shapes for designs on technical textiles”. For two days, the basics of CorelDraw were revised and consolidated, special user knowledge was deepened and practical questions from the participants were individually addressed.

It’s worth it!
4 Advantages of an Individual Company Training:

✔️  Direct exchange between the participants and the lecturers

✔️  Customized design of course structure and contents

✔️  Working on key issues of each individual participants

✔️  Motivate needs-based content

As a manufacturer of custom-made solutions in the field of technical embroidery, we see ourselves as a partner with short response times and unwavering reliability. For us, ensuring these qualities means that, in addition to investing in our machinery, we also support the personal and professional growth of our employees. The desire to receive software training came directly from the staff in order to be able to work more effectively and purposefully with our graphics programs. The individual foci of the employees were as unique as our technology, so that only individual training seemed to be suitable for us. In cooperation with the lecturers, we were able to define the focal points, and thus we were able to offer needs-based software training.

Theory Becomes Practice – Knowledge Immediately Applicable

Back at work, the colleagues can immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge to their customer projects. On the one hand, this motivates our staff tremendously, and on the other hand there is further potential for improving the digital workflow. These improvements, in turn, optimize the entire value chain in the manufacturing process, which provides testimony to the success of this training for Embro and the investment in future further training opportunities and measures for the employees.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Witt training team in Auerbach and, of course, our employees for their professionalism and cooperation.

Witt Schulungszentrum GmbH
Stauffenbergstraße 19
08209 Auerbach

Stay curious and eager to learn!👍