electric heating mats & flexible heating elements

With the help of our embroidery technology, we can easily manufacture flexible, electric, textile heating elements in small and large series. After the layout has been created once using a CAD software, our machines are capable of manufacturing heating elements. Throughout this highly productive and accurate process a meander of highly flexible heat conductors is attached to the carrier material, which creates surface heating elements / resistance heating elements that are characterized by the highest precision of heat distribution. 12V heating elements, 24V heating mats, or 230V heating foil – none of these present any problem to us. Whatever product our customer wants, they will get it.


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The greatest advantage of our electric heating mats & flexible heating elements is the fact that you can freely define the specifications of their layout. That is, you can choose the size of the heating element as well as the needed heating power. Moreover, you can precisely define the desired heat distribution. Thus, round heating foil elements, 3D heating elements or even flexible heating mats for seat heating are not any problem at all. Consequently, our electric heating elements are put to use as heating fabrics, heating mats, heating coils, electric mats and in many other applications.

Furthermore, our surface heating elements are highly flexible and kink resistant. In other words, they can withstand even high bending stress. Because of our machinery and the fact that we are working with textile carrier materials, we can manufacture extremely large heating elements (e.g., 1,400 x 10,000 mm). The finished heating elements / heating pads can, for instance, be sewn (e.g., seat heating) or glued into your products. To make the installation of your heating foil easier, we can offer you to add a self-adhesive film to it.

In addition, it is possible to heat liquids or airstreams by using the right carrier material such as mesh fabrics. In general, the needed temperature range is freely selectable. We can also upgrade your heating element by installing a thermoswitch which would give you a heating system.


Die Advantages of a flexible heating element or an electric heating mat:

  • Form and size are freely selectable (heating mats
  • Rapid and homogenous heat distribution
  • Non-insulated / single insulated / double insulated
  • Operating voltage freely selectable (1 – 400V)
  • Temperatures of up to 400°C (industrial heating elements)
  • Homogenous or partial heating
  • Heating power precisely definable
  • Large-area elements possible – 2,800 mm x 10,000 mm
  • Installment of heating elements possible by using different techniques such as sewing (seat heating) or gluing (self-adhesive)
  • Electronically controllable

Examples of applications for textile heating mats & heating elements:

    • Silicone heating mats for industrial and medical purposes
    • (Silicone) heating foil for medical engineering
    • Heating mats for infrared heaters
    • Heating fabrics for heated clothing
    • Automotive seat heating, steering wheel and grip heaters
    • Surface heating elements for the automotive industry


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