Flexible Electronics & Large-area Conductor Paths for Your Products

Looking for innovative flexible PCBs for your products?

✓ Fit your industrial application exactly in almost unlimited dimensions?
✓ Are flexible, highly conductive, and robust?
Easy to integrate into your products?

Get a competitive edge today with Embro flexible PCBs and wire harnesses.

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Technical textiles replace conventional technologies

Flexible Electronics Made from Flexible Materials


We Embroider Circuits and Conductor Tracks on Flexible Substrates

You define the dimension and your specific requirements, e.g. B. in terms of flexibility, temperature resistance, or robustness to the flexible printed circuit boards that you need for your industrial application.

Together with you, we select the right carrier material and develop an optimal layout for the dimensions and purpose of your textile circuit board. We place flexible conductor tracks on textile and other flexible carrier materials. We fix the conductor tracks with our innovative embroidery technology. This is how precise circuits and flexible electronics are created for your innovative products.

We design the final layout of your flexible electronics once using our CAD software. Then our machines manufacture your textile electronic components with high productivity and repeat accuracy in small and large series.

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Make Your Innovative Products More Competitive with Flexible Printed Circuit Boards!

Take advantage of the benefits of flexible electronics:

  • Almost unlimited dimensions and almost any size and shape of circuits and conductor tracks can be defined (e.g. 2,500 x 1,500mm)
  • Flexible, highly conductive, and at the same time robust: durable and reliable function under various conditions
  • Temperature-resistant and reliable: efficient even in extreme environments
  • Temperature resistant and reliable: efficient in extreme environment
  • If required, corrosion resistant and reliable for outdoor use thanks to partial coating with polymer pastes
  • Economical to manufacture Efficient and cost-effective to manufacture through the use of innovative embroidery technologies

Discover new possibilities for product design and development!

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Flexible Electronics for Your Innovative Products

Flexible Electronics: Beispiel Glasgitter

Flexible Electronics: Highly Conductive and Robust

In the field of flexible electronics, we have specialized in textile conductor tracks. New materials and manufacturing techniques make the electronic parts and components highly conductive and robust. They withstand a wide range of requirements without sacrificing performance – even outdoors. Textile semi-finished products are durable and reliable in fluctuating temperatures, which makes them ideal for use in different environments.

Intelligente Sicherheitstextilien

Intelligent Safety Textiles

Eliminate security gaps with smart security textiles. For example, you can monitor pressure forces and moisture over a large area in buildings with defined grid structures on textile substrates. Pressure is measured with special signal converters.

Flexible electronics offer greater resistance to mechanical stress and are less susceptible.

Hybride Strukturen

Hybrid Structures

Combine classic flex printed circuit boards with flexible embroidered conductor paths.

With its advanced properties, flexible electronics is a high-tech solution for use in hybrid structures. From wearables and smart clothing to smart city applications and industrial automation, flexible electronics offer numerous opportunities for innovative applications that require high conductivity, robustness, temperature resistance, and reliability.

Do you need flexible, large-area electronics for your product? We are looking forward to your ideas!

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Efficient Manufacturing: Reduce Production Costs

A significant benefit of flexible electronics is their manufacturing efficiency. Thanks to advanced technologies such as the embroidery process, electronic components can be produced in large quantities and with high precision.

In this way, you reduce your production costs with the same or higher quality of your products. Flexible circuit boards can be easily integrated into your existing processes and products and adapted to different areas of application.

Give yourself a competitive edge with flexible electronics.

Find out more about the advantages and applications of flexible electronics as an alternative to conventional technologies in our flyer.

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Flexible Electronics Made in Germany

Embro develops and manufactures flexible printed circuit boards and large-area electronics according to your individual specifications.

With our embroidery technology, you can benefit from the following advantages:

✓ Large area electronics with individual shape and size can be realised
✓ Flexible layout of circuits and traces
✓ Integration of sensors to eliminate security gaps
✓ Lightweight, robust, and durable electronics, even for outdoor use
✓ Production of large and small series with high productivity and repeatability

Do you want to replace conventional printed circuit boards or printed circuits with innovative flexible electronics?

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Application examples of flexible circuit boards & flexible electronics

  • Flexible conductor tracks & cable harnesses
  • Safety textiles
  • Monitoring of components – damage sensing
  • Highly flexible circuits & textile conductor tracks and conductor structures

Are you interested in flexible electronics and large-area electronics?

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