Flexible Electronics & Large-area Conductor Paths

Due to the uniqueness of our technology, we can accurately and freely position printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic circuits, flexible circuit boards, and conductor paths on highly flexible or even heat resistant carrier materials. This allows us to manufacture products that permit the use of clothes with integrated sensors in the fields of safety and communications. Even if your application using flexible electronics appears to be rather demanding, rest assured that smart textiles by Embro are made to last and they are made to accomplish the given task.

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Working with New Dimensions Using Innovative Embroidery Technology

Simply Embroidering Complex Structures

There are barely any limitations when it comes to the dimensions of the cable harnesses. In addition, we are working on hybrid structures that combine our embroidered conductor paths with traditional flexible printed circuit boards. However, we aim at replacing printed circuits with our technology, especially when it comes to large-area and/or flexible elements. Last but not least, we can manufacture smart textiles that enable us to eliminate various safety issues.

Using a defined lattice structure, numerous safety textiles can be produced. For instance, our smart textiles can be and are used to monitor the pressure on and the humidity of sections of buildings and edifices. In this case, the measuring of pressure requires a certain kind of transducer. In order to protect our textile sensors and conductor paths from harmful environmental conditions, they are partially coated with polymer paste. Hence, the sensitive electronics become robust and durable. Embro lets your ideas become actual textiles – what once seemed so complex can simply become reality. For more details please do not hesitate to contact us.


Advantages of Textile Conductor Paths

  • Barely any restrictions for the dimensions of your products (e.g., 2,500 x 1,500 mm possible)
  • Highly conductible and robust
  • Heat resistant and reliable
  • Efficient production
  • Elimination of safety issues
  • Non-corrosive if needed – high tech outdoors

Examples of applications for flexible electronics and printed circuit boards (PCBs)

  • Flexible conductor paths and cable harnesses
  • Safety textiles
  • Monitoring of parts – damage sensing
  • Highly flexible electronic circuits & textile circuit paths and conductive structures

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