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Electric heating elements for your industrial application

Are you looking for an individual electric heating element for your industrial application that is

✓ is lighter and less expensive than a silicone heat mat?
✓ is more flexible and kink-resistant than an electric heating foil?
✓ is larger and more individual than a classic panel heating element?
✓ you can define freely in terms of shape, size and heating power and have it produced economically in Germany?

Then Embro’s electric heat mats are a powerful alternative for your conventional heating element! As a developer and manufacturer, we produce flexible heating elements in medium and large quantities “Made in Germany”.

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Made in Germany

Flexible Heating Elements & Electric Heat Mats

Schwerentflammbare Elemente für Sitzheizungen

Powerful and economic alternative to silicone heat mats, heating foils, heating films, heating fabrics and panel heating elements

We develop and produce flexible electric heating elements and heat mats for you. With our innovative embroidery technology, we apply highly flexible heat conductors to textile and other flexible carrier materials.

You define the shape, size and heating power of the flexible heating elements you need for your industrial application. Once the final layout is in place, our machines manufacture your individual heating elements with high productivity and repeatability – in small and large series.

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Flexible, electric heat mats from Embro score as an alternative to conventional heating elements with:

  • Dielectric strength significantly > 1,500 V
  • Sizes up to 2,500 x 1,500 mm in one piece
  • Air permeable & kink resistant
  • Fast sampling
  • Resource-saving production of larger quantities

We select the optimum carrier material for your industrial application with you. For easy further processing, we equip the electric heat mat with temperature sensors, self-adhesive equipment and ready-to-plug-in solutions.

Choose Embro as your new supplier for your heating solution.

Flexibles Heizelement, elektrische Heizmatte bis 10.000 mm für Weiterverarbeitung

Instead of silicone heat mat

Lightweight and inexpensive textile heat mat from Embro

In the temperature range up to 200 °C, a textile heat mat from Embro scores with its lower weight. The production is significantly cheaper compared to the silicone heat mat.

Instead of heating foil or heating film

Flexible textile heating element from Embro

Embro textile heat mats are more flexible and more resistant to buckling than heating foils or heating films. They can withstand higher surface outputs and operating temperatures.

Instead of surface heating element or heating fabric

Electric heat mat from Embro

We produce electric heat mats up to 10,000 mm with suitable carrier materials for your application. The heat conductors achieve very high dielectric strength with high quality, chemically resistant insulation.

You define, we deliver for you:

    • Shape: all standard shapes, 3D heating elements, customized shapes
    • Size: up to 2.500 x 7.500 mm
    • Carrier material: Woven fabrics, elastic knitted & knitted fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, films, mesh constructions, high temperature fabrics, alu laminated glass fabrics etc.
    • Temperature: 20 – 200°C
    • Operating voltage: 1 – 400 V, e.g. 12V heating elements, 24V heat mats or 230V heating foils
    • Heat output and exact positioning can be precisely defined

    Do you need a specific heating element for your product? We are looking forward to your ideas!

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Flexible heating elements for your production

Elektrische Heizmatten

Heat mats for infrared heaters

Optimize your B2B products with our electric heat mats. As a professional series manufacturer, we offer you innovative and efficient heating elements that are tailored to your needs and those of your customers. Rely on our years of experience and expertise. More performance for your infrared heating.

Flexible elektrische Heizelemente für Sitzheizungen von Embro

Surface heating element for automotive

Textile heating elements are in great demand in the automotive industry. They can be easily processed, are flexible and remain movable (kink-resistant). The tension is individually adapted to your requirements in the development process and suitably distributed and designed for the desired surface.

Elemente für beheizte Kleidung

Heating fabrics for heated clothing

Enhance the performance of your products with high-quality heating fabrics. As a leading supplier, we develop innovative heating elements for heated clothing that guarantee your customers maximum comfort. Benefit from our experience and rely on quality, reliability and durability.

Do you need a specific heating element for your product? We are looking forward to your ideas!

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flexible, textile Heizmäntel - die Alternative zu Folienheizung und Folienheizelementen

Features of embroidered electric heat mats

Flexible heating elements and electric heat mats, embroidered an engineered by Embro, are suitable for many industrial applications. They score with the following properties:

  • Temperatures up to 400 °C possible
  • Very fast and homogeneous heat distribution
  • Electronically adjustable with thermal switch
  • Uniform temperature distribution or partial heating
  • Uninsulated, single insulated or double insulated
  • Suitable for sewing in (seat heating or technical textiles) or gluing in with adhesive or self-adhesive
  • Highly flexible & kink resistant
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Individual and variable

The advantage of our flexible heating elements & heat pads is the completely free definability of the layout, i.e. both the size and the heating capacity can be designed individually and, above all, where it should be created. This means that round heating foils, 3D heating elements or flexible heat mats for seat heaters are no problem and the areas of application for electric heating elements include heating fabrics, heating mats, heating coils and many more.

Furthermore, our panel heating elements are highly flexible and kink-resistant, which means that they also withstand strong bending loads. Due to our technology and the textile carrier, we can also produce extremely large heating elements (e.g. 2,500 x 7,500 mm). The finished heating elements / heat pads can be sewn in (seat heaters) or glued in, for example. To make installation easier, we can make the electric heating foils self-adhesive.

Furthermore, by selecting suitable carriers such as woven mesh, it is also possible to heat air flows or liquids. In principle, the temperature range can be freely selected. For temperature protection, we also integrate thermal switches in the heating element, so that these then advance to heating systems.

Flexible heating elements Made in Germany

Embro is a developer and manufacturer of high performance electric heat mats for further processing in your product.

Embro electric heating elements are lightweight, kink-resistant and can be manufactured at low cost.

Textile heat mats with embroidered heat conductors convince with these advantages:

✓ Heating elements with individual shape, size & heating power
✓ Large selection of flexible carrier materials for your application
✓ Development of a suitable layout for your requirements
✓ Particularly large mats up to 10,000 mm possible
✓ Production of large and small series with high productivity and repeatability

Are you looking for an individual heating element for your innovative application? Choose Embro as your developer, manufacturer and supplier!

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We manufacture textile heat mats & heating elements for these applications and many more:

  • Heating fabric for heated clothing & mobile solutions
    • Jackets, gloves, socks, shoes
    • Outdoor clothing & sleeping bags
  • Heating foils & silicone heating foils for food distribution, heatable delivery bags and transport containers
  • Heating elements for medical technology, for therapy devices and upholstered couches
  • Heat mats for infrared heaters & infrared radiators, as well as wall and ceiling heaters
  • Battery heaters for mobile battery packs and other industrial solutions
  • Seat heaters for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and furniture industry
  • Panel heating elements for automotive sector, e.g.
  • Electric heat pads for seat cushions & upholstery
  • Highly flexible heat mats for home, camper and caravan applications
    • as floor heating or for heating interiors
    • as bed covers & mattress heating
    • for tank heating, e.g. for water tanks
  • Heat pad for outdoor activities
  • Silicone heat mats for industry & plant engineering
    • Process heat in machines and equipment
    • Heating jackets and container heating of temperature-sensitive substances during transport and on-site storage

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