Functional Textiles for Medical Applications

Embroidery is the ideal technology for producing textile electrodes and sensors as well as electromagnetic / PEMF therapy mats. This way smart and multifunctional textiles can be manufactured for health and work safety applications.

Not only do we know that these textile products adhere to the current standards of their respective industry of use, but we are certain that in the future all of us will heavily rely on smart medical textiles that have integrated sensors and electronics. Together, stitch by stitch, we realize textile innovations in the field of medicine. Trust in us as your manufacturer of medical textiles.


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Highly Conductible, Washable, and Flexible

Textiles that Meet Your Needs

Using embroidery technology, you can work completely freely within the confines of the textile carrier in order to create any structure you might want. In addition, it is entirely up to you which materials are to be used. Therefore, it is possible to put to use materials with medical clearance, i.e., materials that are characterized by biocompatibility or materials that have antibacterial properties.

Consequently, to us at Embro textile applications that include the use of electrodes or not mere visions for the future, but they are a reality that is already here. All of our products are highly conductible and washable, and yet they maintain the flexibility as well as other characteristics of textile elements. Due to our expertise in the field, we manage to let the technology seemingly disappear within the textile elements.

Generally speaking, embroidered sensors can be put to use in any application which is textile-based. Then, the introduction of embroidered sensors allows for additional functionalities within these applications. As always, our work is accurate to the millimeter. This is especially important when it comes to the embroidery of conductible areas or entire circuits.

There are no limitations on the shape or form or even size of these conductible surfaces. Thus, it is no problem for us to realize minute projects for EEG or EKG applications, but also large-area projects such as sensors for pressure measuring are feasible. Hence, there is quite some potential for the use of our products in the medical field.

Advantages of Smart Textiles in the Medical Field

    • Textile properties remain
    • Highly conductible & washable
    • Reliable & durable
    • Customization of products and layout in accordance with requirements
    • Manufacturing of textiles to promote health and healing
    • Flexible positioning of sensors etc.
    • Usage of biocompatible materials
    • Benefiting from antibacterial properties

Examples of Applications of Technical Textiles

  • Electrostimulation / electro muscle stimulation (EMS)
  • Sensors for EEG & EKG (electroencephalography and electrocardiography)
  • Monitoring of vitals
  • Induction coils
  • Electromagnetic coils
  • Smart shirts

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