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Technical textiles for your medical device

You have an idea of how to equip your medical device with smart functions to simplify or improve the lives of many people and are looking for a manufacturer who can

✓ Can integrate smart functions into textiles individually according to your requirements?
✓ Offers flexible, skin-friendly, lightweight, electrically conductive, antibacterial, durable, biocompatible and wash-resistant base materials?
✓ Uses medically approved materials to ensure biocompatibility?

We will work with you to develop your technical textile in the medical sector and manufacture it cost-effectively and with low CO2 emissions in Germany – from prototype to series production.

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Smart, medical textiles combine function and comfort

Function integration for your medical device

Functional threads, electrodes and sensors into flexible carrier materials for medical use manufactured by Embro

We integrate functional threads, electrodes and sensors into flexible carrier materials for medical use

Smart medical devices with integrated sensors or electrodes promote recovery, increase the quality of life and the effectiveness of medical treatments. In the area of occupational safety, they increase worker safety and minimize health risks.

At Embro, we embroider functional threads, electrodes, sensors and more than conductive surfaces to entire circuits onto textile carrier materials with millimeter precision. In this way, we map any layout and structure with sensitive, highly conductive conductors for your medical device.

You define the shape, size, layout and the requirements for the carrier material, e.g. already medically approved materials that ensure biocompatibility or have antibacterial properties.

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Take advantage of the benefits of integrating functions into medical devices:

Benefit from these advantages of smart medical devices:

  • Individual function integration already economically feasible today
  • Technology (almost) invisibly interwoven with textiles
  • Use of biocompatible, antibacterial and many other materials
  • Flexible placement of sensors etc.
  • Implementation of individual requirements & layouts possible
  • Highly conductive & sustainable – wash-resistant, reliable & long-lasting
  • Textile properties of the carrier material are retained – flexible & stretchable & kink-resistant

Medical devices with function integration

Textile electrodes manufactured by Embro as an alternative to self-adhesive and silicone electrodes

Textile electrodes as an alternative to self-adhesive and silicone electrodes

Reach targeted areas that are otherwise difficult to treat during electrostimulation (EMS) or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). The particularly flexible textile electrodes are lightweight and score with skin-friendly and antibacterial material properties.

The highly conductive, three-dimensional structure on the surface of the carrier material nestles against the skin. It eliminates the need for contact gels and moistening of the skin.

The dressable textile electrodes can be washed by hand and used again and again.

Textile Implants for 3D Scaffolds / Tissue Engineering manufactured by Embro

Textile Implants for 3D Scaffolds / Tissue Engineering

Manufacture synthetic mesh implants, composite meshes and hernia meshes individually and tailor-made with our embroidery technology, functional threads and monofilament. The complex, three-dimensional biological structures are highly flexible and adaptable.

Use 3D scaffolds (scaffold tissue engineering), a scaffold made of biocompatible materials, to support cell and tissue growth. We integrate bioactive substances or growth factors into textiles. The risk of complications and infections is minimized and the long-term functionality of the implant is ensured.

Textile magnetic coils for medical, electromagnetic therapy manufactured by Embro

Textile magnetic coils for medical, electromagnetic therapy

Use textile magnetic coils to relieve inflammation and in pain therapy. Magnetic therapy mats use low-frequency electric currents to generate magnetic fields that penetrate all fabrics.

Relieve ailments such as tendinitis, period pain, osteoporosis, and take advantage of positive effects on wound healing, metabolism, and the immune and nervous systems.

Embro develops individual, flexible, washable and durable magnetic therapy mats with you and produces them for you in small and large series.

Do you have an exciting field of application where smart functions complement medical textiles and provide great benefits? We are curious!

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Textile sensors for medical applications

Our embroidery technology creates conductive surfaces and circuits that are applied to the smart textile with millimeter precision, cleanliness and flexibility. The application-specific adaptability of the shape, dimensions and sensitivity enable use in various medical application areas:

Examples of use:

  • Textile electrodes as an alternative to self-adhesive and silicone electrodes for electrostimulation (EMS) or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Textile implants for 3D scaffolds / tissue engineering, also with dissolving carrier material
  • Textile magnetic coils for medical electromagnetic therapy (magnetic field mats)
  • Measurement of vital functions in electrocardiograms (ECG), electromyograms (EMG) and electroencephalograms (EEG) using sensors
  • Monitoring of medical conditions
  • Positioning systems for medicine to detect the distribution of pressure when lying or sitting, for example to combat pressure sores
  • Fall detectors in care facilities
  • Adaptation to individual medical aids, including shoes, prostheses and wheelchairs
  • Monitoring of vital parameters
  • Induction coils
  • Vital shirts

Technical textiles offer huge potential for medical applications that has often gone untapped to date. Let us leverage this together with you.

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Technical embroidery: How intelligent, medical textiles are created

Using computer-controlled embroidery machines specially designed for technical embroidery, we lay and fix conductive threads, strands or wires on textile carrier materials. The embroidery technology enables a permanent and highly flexible connection of the conductors to the carrier material. This is how smart textiles are created for a wide range of medical applications.

Learn more about the manufacturing process of your smart textiles and technical embroidery at Embro.

Smart textiles for more occupational safety manufactured by Embro

Smart textiles for more occupational safety

Textiles with smart functions contribute to the safety and well-being of workers in many industries. For example, they monitor various parameters in the areas of:

Health and well-being

  • States of exhaustion
  • Posture
  • Breathing rate
  • Skin temperature

Environmental conditions

  • Ambient temperature
  • Chemical exposure
  • Electric fields
  • Noise level

Movement & Stress

  • Movement patterns & posture
  • Loads and movement
  • Vibrations
  • Falls and collisions

Safety and hazards

  • Heat and smoke exposure
  • Hazardous materials
  • Environmental condition
  • Emergency detection

Hygiene and protective clothing

  • Hygiene standards
  • Service life & wear condition of protective clothing

Do you have an idea where smart functions, for example in work clothing or safety helmets, offer workers more safety? We would be happy to develop a production-ready product with you and for you.

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Functional integration for your medical device Made in Germany

Embro develops and manufactures technical textiles for medical devices according to your individual specifications.

With our embroidery technology, you benefit especially from these advantages:

✓ Innovative applications with individual shape & size can be realized
✓ Flexible layout of conductive threads and wires
✓ Wide range of carrier materials for many applications – including medically approved materials that ensure biocompatibility or have antibacterial properties
✓ Flexible, robust, and durable electronics
✓ Efficient and cost-effective production in large and small batches with high productivity and repeatability

Do you want innovative functions for your medical device?

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Are you interested in smart medical devices?

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