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Smart textiles - start now into the future!

Do you have an innovative idea for further developing a textile or a textile carrier material with a technical function into a smart textile?

✓ Do you have specific requirements for the manufacturing process?
✓ Are you looking for a partner to help you develop the right function?
✓ Are you looking for high-precision and cost-effective production of your smart textiles?

Together with you, we develop individual smart textiles that meet the most complex requirements. Let us work together, stitch by stitch, to realise your ideas for smart textiles.

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Technical textiles replace conventional technologies

Smart textiles: wearable textiles with intelligent functions


There is nothing Smart Textiles cannot do! Intelligent textiles (also known as smart textiles, wearable textiles, conductive textiles, or e-textiles) conduct, heat, transmit, receive, measure and can even glow while maintaining their textile properties. Stretchable, conductive tapes and textile structures are created using technical embroidery.

Smart textiles combine all the advantages of textiles with a technical function. The technology remains (almost) invisible and still offers great potential for your ideas.

Together with you, we develop intelligent textiles for your innovative ideas for functional textile applications.

Heated jackets, shoes, and gloves are just the beginning. Smart textiles have almost limitless applications, for example in medicine and sports, where they can monitor vital functions or stimulate muscles. The automotive industry and aerospace industry have also recognised the potential of e-textiles and are increasingly using smart fabrics and intelligent textiles to implement technical functions.

Functional textiles are the future! We are happy to bring our experience to new projects and look for solutions that others cannot find.

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Textile + Function for Your Application

Smart Textiles für funktionelle Bekleidung

Functional clothing

Revolutionise your product range with our performance textiles for functional clothing. Our products offer premium functionality and convenience to meet the needs of your customers. From integrating smart sensors to regulate temperature and humidity to adapting to environmental conditions – our performance textiles are the perfect choice for your customers. With our extensive expertise in textile technology and our focus on innovation and quality, we are the ideal partner for your requirements.

Intelligente Textilien für Smart Living

Intelligent textiles for smart living

This area offers countless opportunities for innovative products that make your customers’ lives easier and more comfortable. Our textile-based elements can fulfill a wide range of functions. We guarantee the highest level of precision on our systems and optimal utilization for maximum efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our smart textiles for smart living and how we can help you create products that improve the lives of your customers.

E-Textiles für Bodymonitoring

E-Textiles for body monitoring

Experience the future of body monitoring with Embro’s advanced e-textiles. As a leading manufacturer of technical textiles, we offer tailor-made solutions for the areas of medicine, therapy, and sports & leisure. Our e-textiles allow you to monitor and analyse the body’s vital functions and movements. Embroidered pressure sensors can become part of your wearable technology as they are stretchable and kink resistant.

Do you have an innovative idea to make your product even better? We are excited!

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Properties of smart textiles:

  • Textile properties are retained – flexible & stretchy & kink-resistant
  • highly conductive
  • Reliable & durable
  • Permanently elastic
  • Washable
  • Efficient and inexpensive to produce
  • Temperature resistant
Smart Textiles unterstützen Komfort für Smart Living

Technical embroidery: This is how intelligent textiles are created

Using computer-controlled embroidery machines specially designed for technical embroidery, we lay and fix conductive threads, strands, wires, or heating conductors on textile carrier materials. The embroidery technique enables a permanent and highly flexible connection of the conductors to the carrier material. This is how smart textiles are created for a wide range of applications.

Find out more about the manufacturing process of your smart textiles and technical embroidery at Embro.

Advantages of technical embroidery for smart textiles

Using the embroidery process, we can lay, among other things, the finest strands (down to 0.04 mm), coated threads, optical fibers, tubes, or other sensitive materials with the highest precision and reproducibility, which are difficult or impossible to process with other manufacturing processes.

A key advantage is the free choice of material and carrier materials.

Together with you, we develop embroidered technical textiles that are perfect for your application and further processing of your products.

The technology of technical embroidery offers you decisive advantages over conventional manufacturing processes:

✓ Smart textiles are highly conductive and at the same time flexible, stretchy and kink-resistant
✓ Computer-controlled embroidery machines guarantee maximum precision and reproducibility
✓ The finest strands (down to 0.04 mm) and sensitive materials can be processed
✓ The shape, size, conductor, and carrier materials can be freely defined
✓ Conductive textiles can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively

Do you have an innovative idea for smart textiles? We are excited!

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Smart Textiles & Wearable Textiles Made in Germany

Embro is a developer and manufacturer of electric conductors on textile substrates according to your individual specifications for further processing in your product.

Our embroidery technology offers you the following advantages in particular:

✓ Embroidered sensor surfaces for various parameters (pressure, movement)
✓ Smart textiles with individual shapes and sizes
✓ Integration of additional sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity), LEDs, switches, and much more.
✓ Large selection of flexible carrier materials for your application
✓ Electrical conductors, heating conductors, light conductors, coated threads, and hoses for intelligent functions
✓ Ultra-fine strands down to 0.04mm and sensitive materials possible
✓ Efficient and cost-effective production in large and small series

Do you have an innovative idea for smart textiles? We would like to realise it with you!

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Application examples:

  • Heated clothing
  • Luminous textiles with optical fibers
  • Flexible conductor tracks for signal transmission
  • Tailored Fiber Elements (shoes, parts)
  • Inductive solutions – flat coils for power transmission
  • Conductive tapes
  • Contact strips with a function
  • Stretchable cables
  • Textile cables
  • Elastic electrode bands
  • Conductive textiles

Are you interested in wearable textiles?

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