smart textiles & wearable e-textiles

There is nothing smart textiles cannot do! Intelligent textiles (also known as wearables, functional or e-textiles, or simply smart textiles) transmit, gather, send, and receive information. Moreover, they can emit heat or even light while they preserve their textile characteristics. This results in very elastic, conductive tapes and textile structures.

We are determined to find a solution for your very own set of requirements and specifications – with our smart fabrics there is no problem that is too complex. Let us make your smart textile visions come true stitch-by-stitch.


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Textiles of the Future

Textiles without Limitations

Using embroidery technology, it is possible to work with the finest wire strands (up to 0.04 mm), coated threads, optical waveguides, hoses, or other sensitive materials that can hardly – if at all – be used with other production technologies and methods. We are free to use any (carrier) material we want, which is a real game changer in the product development process.

There are virtually no limitations on the application of smart textiles. The medical field as well as athletics have been the two main beneficiaries of our smart, conductible, textile innovations so far. As it turns out, the stimulation of muscles or the monitoring of vital signs are just two of the many possible applications of wearables whose importance is steadily increasing. In the meantime, the aerospace and automotive industries have discovered the use of e-textiles for their products. Smart clothes and textiles with added functionalities are the future.

We would love to start working on new projects that can benefit from our expertise in order to find innovative solutions that cannot be found by anyone else


Advantages of Smart Textiles

  • Textile properties are preserved – flexible, kink resistant, stretch
  • Highly conductible
  • Reliable & durable
  • Washable
  • Cost-efficient manufacturing
  • Heat resistant

Examples of Applications for Smart Textiles

  • Heated clothing
  • Glowing textiles with optical waveguides
  • Flexible conductor paths for data transmission
  • Tailored fiber elements (shoes, parts)
  • Inductive solutions – flat coils for energy transmission
  • Conductor strips
  • Conductible textiles

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