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Individual, light and targeted material reinforcement for your products

You want to make your product lighter and more stable and are looking for a manufacturer who will

✓ Develops an individual dry preform for your specific product to obtain the desired material properties?
✓ manufactures your preform component with a wide range of fibers, e.g. glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid or natural fibers, in any orientation?
✓ Produces your semi-finished products with low material costs and almost without rejects in small and large series?

As a manufacturer, we produce your individual semi-finished products efficiently and cost-effectively in Germany. We implement your innovative product ideas with you – from prototype to series production.

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Lightweight and extremely stable dry preforms

Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) for Fiber Composite Components

Dry preforms in the Tailored Fiber Placement process manufactured by Embro

We Revolutionize Dry Preforms with Stitched Composites

Compared to braided, woven or knitted material, our innovative composite technology extremely reduces your material costs and enables almost scrap-free preform production.

In Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP), we selectively process fiber strands made of glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid or natural fibers using CNC embroidery machines. We place the reinforcing fibers for your products made of plastic – thermoplastic (polypropylene (PP), PEEK); thermoset (polyamide (PA), epoxy resins, silicones) – SMC material (mixture of reactive resins and glass fibers) or concrete onto a flexible substrate exactly where you need the structural performance most. Repeated lay-up of fibers results in targeted material reinforcement. This process is called roving laying.

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We are a German developer and manufacturer of composite semi-finished products with individual shape, size and layout. The endless and precise fiber laying to measure offers semi-finished products without cut edges and without waste, on request also large areas of up to 2,500mm x 1,500mm.

Our team of experts uses special CAD software to place the fibers precisely on the backing material. Subsequently, our CNC embroidery machines embroider three-dimensional fiber structures with high repeatability and precision – for the perfect reinforcement of your product.

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Advantages of Tailored Fiber Placement

Tailored fiber composite components produced by TFP technology are exceptionally resilient and remain extremely flexible to shape. Carbon fiber in particular is very light and extremely resilient with very high stability. Further advantages of TFP stick technology are automated fiber laying and reproducible properties of the preform component.

Particularly in comparison to conventional lamination of fiber mats, material waste is significantly reduced – in the case of fiber scrap, this is 3 percent, instead of the usual 30 to 70 percent.

Take Advantage of Roving Laying and Tailored Fiber Placements for Your Innovative Products:

  • Near-net-shape preform production
  • Production almost without rejects and thus low costs
  • Reduction of weight
  • Optimal fiber alignment and thus high degree of stiffness
  • Local reinforcements possible
  • High degree of automation without additional costs for special tools
  • Mix of high-performance fibers possible (e.g. carbon with glass, aramid, flax)

Develop customized and high-performance composite structures for your products with us!

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Tailored Fiber Placement for Your Innovative Products

Stainless steel and basalt fibers as hybrid structures manufactured by Embro

Hybrid Structures Combine the Best Material Properties

Hybrid structures are a combination of lightweight fibers (e.g. carbon) and metal. They combine the best properties of both materials in one fiber composite: weight reduction and performance as well as high stiffness and toughness.

Hybrid structures are suitable for many high-performance applications, e.g. in the aerospace and automotive industries, construction, mechanical engineering, sports and leisure, and medical technology.

Work with Embro to develop the optimal combination of materials and adhesion between the fibers and matrix, taking into account integration into existing production processes.

Endless fiber reinforced inserts for high performance plastic products with carbon and aramid manufactured by Embro

Continuous Fiber-reinforced Inserts for High-performance Plastic Products

Carbon fiber reinforced compounds and inserts (fiber reinforcement or carbon fiber composites) offer enormous potential for the further development of high-performance and lightweight plastic products.

The combination of the fibers with a polymer resin (e.g. epoxy resin) forms a strong and rigid matrix. The carbon fibers give the compounds exceptional tensile strength and stiffness, and the polymer resin contributes flexibility and moldability – low weight and high strength.

Carbon fiber reinforced compounds are resistant to corrosion and chemical attack, durable and reliable.

Realize the desired mechanical properties together with Embro’s specialized automated fiber laying processes.

You have a good idea how to make your product lighter and more stable? We are curious!

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Natural fiber roving (flax) for Tailored Fiber Placement from manufacturer Embro

Sustainable Materials as Reinforcing Fibers in Tailored Fiber Placement

The integration of plant-based fibers such as flax, hemp and jute in hybrid structures represent a significant step towards environmental compatibility and sustainability. Plant-based fibers are renewable resources, biodegradable and have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional fibers.

They score high on environmental friendliness, low density for weight reduction, damping properties to vibration and noise, improved sound insulation, biocompatibility and design freedom.

Together with you, we will find the optimal selection of fibers for your specific requirements and intended use.

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Embro is a Developer and Manufacturer of Semi-finished Products and Dry Preforms Made of Embroidered Composites for Your Industrial Application

We support you in making your product more powerful, stronger and lighter. We know your challenges and offer you exactly the service you need:

✓ Specific technical know-how and expertise in the exact placement of fiber strands in the matrix.
✓ Wide range of lightweight fibers – glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid, or natural fibers that achieve the desired mechanical properties
✓ Automated fiber placement and reproducible properties of the preform component using our innovative embroidery technology
✓ Quality control of the manufacturing process to ensure the proper function and longevity of your semi-finished products
✓ Scalable and cost-effective production of small and large series of technical semi-finished products for further processing in your products

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Dry preforms in the Tailored Fiber Placement process manufactured by Embro

Semi-finished Products for Fiber Composite Components Made in Germany

Embro develops and manufactures semi-finished products and dry preforms from embroidered composites according to your individual specifications.

With our embroidery technology, you benefit especially from these advantages:

✓ Preforms with individual shape & size can be realized.
✓ Flexible layout of the rovings for pinpoint reinforcement
✓ Large selection of fibers and carrier materials for many applications
✓ Flexible, robust and durable fiber composite components for your products
✓ Production of large and small batches with high productivity and repeatability

Do you want lightweight and high-performance reinforcement for your innovative products?

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Application Examples for Dry Preforms and Semi-finished Products Using TFP

  • Carbon inserts for selective reinforcement in industrial applications
  • CFRP components in the automotive sector (e.g. carbon rims, rear wings and spoilers for sports cars)
  • Window frames for aviation made of carbon rovings
  • Carbon fiber reinforcements for sporting goods as used by the Institute for the Research and Development of Sporting Goods (Institut für Forschung und Entwicklung von Sportgeräten – FES)
  • Preforms for orthoses and prostheses

Are You Interested in Tailored Fiber Placement for Your Fiber Composite Components?

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