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Textile sensors and antennas for your industrial application

You want to simplify your customers’ lives with seamlessly integrated sensors in flexible textile carrier materials and are looking for a manufacturer who can

✓ integrates sensors with a suitable layout for your application in textiles?
✓ offers you a wide selection of flexible, robust, and kink-resistant carrier materials?
✓ develops and manufactures wash-resistant sensors with a large reading range individually for your product?

As a manufacturer, we produce your smart textile sensors efficiently and cost-effectively in Germany. We implement your innovative product ideas with you – from prototype to series production.

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Smart, technical textiles combine function and comfort

Textile sensors and textile antennas

Textile Antennen vom Hersteller Embro

We integrate sensors and antennas into flexible carrier materials

Sensors provide data on pressure, temperature, humidity, geo-localization and other valuable information. Smart technical textiles combine the function of sensors with all the advantages of textile carrier materials.

At Embro, we bring both worlds together: We embroider sensors, antennas as well as finest strands (up to 0.04 mm), coated threads and other sensitive, highly conductive conductors for signal transmission onto textile carrier materials.

You are free to choose the perfect material for your product idea, the size, the shape and the best layout. Already during the development we always keep an eye on the economic production as well as your further processing.

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Take advantage of the integration of sensors in textiles for your innovative products:

  • Wide range of textile substrates with textile feel and high wearing comfort when integrated into smart textiles
  • Highly conductive & wash resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Very robust, kink-resistant and vibration-resistant
  • Any sizes and layouts can be implemented
  • Processing of finest strands (up to 0.04 mm), coated threads or other sensitive materials that are difficult or impossible to process with conventional manufacturing methods
  • Efficient and cost-effective production

Think sensors & antennas in a new way!

Textile sensors and antennas for your innovative products

Textile Sensoren zur Druckmessung

Textiles for pressure measurement

Monitor pressure changes on surfaces and collect valuable information for optimizing your products. Pressure sensors integrated into textile carrier materials flexibly adapt to the shape and structure of your surface. They provide accurate measurement data, especially in the case of uneven pressure distribution. When used in contact with people, they offer a high level of wearing comfort.

Read in our article how the company Velometrik realizes a pressure analysis for bicycle saddles in bike fitting.

Intelligente Sicherheitstextilien mit Sensoren vom Hersteller Embro

RFID textile identification

Identify and locate textiles – even over long distances:

✓ Identify your workwear after washing
✓ Register and check the condition of your fire protection clothing
✓ Secure your garments from theft with a sensor + alarm when they leave a registered location

Textile UHF RFID antennas or tags are wash-resistant and robust. Their textile base offers high wearing comfort.

Gestickte textile induktive Sensoren vom Hersteller Embro

Temperature-resistant NFC antennas

Use textile NFC tags or NFC antennas wherever you need the flexibility of textile carrier materials coupled with high temperature resistance.

In the temperature range from 150 to 250 °C, textile sensors score over conventional films. Choose a temperature-resistant textile carrier material to transmit data via NFC over short distances in your innovative application.

You have an innovative idea to make your product even better? We are curious!

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Embro is a developer and manufacturer of smart textiles for your industrial application

We support you in developing an innovative solution for your product using textile sensors and antennas. We know your challenges and offer you exactly the service you need:

Specific technical know-how and expertise in integrating sensors into textile materials.
Wide range of flexible carrier materials that meet the functional requirements of the sensor and the environment or specific application, e.g., washability or temperature resistance
Seamless integration of the sensors into the carrier material using our innovative embroidery technology
Quality control of the manufacturing process to ensure the proper function and longevity
Scalable and cost-effective production of small and large series of technical semi-finished products for further processing in your products

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Textile Sensoren zur Druckmessung  bei Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion vom Hersteller Embro

Textile Sensors and Antennas Made in Germany

Embro develops and manufactures integrated textile sensors and antenna structures according to your individual specifications.

With our embroidery technology you benefit especially from these advantages:
✓ Sensors and antennas with individual shape & size can be realized.
✓ Flexible layout of conductive threads and wires for measurement and signal transmission
✓ Large selection of carrier materials for many applications
✓ Flexible, robust and durable electronics, also for use in smart textiles
✓ Manufacturing of large and small series with high productivity and repeatability.

You want high measuring accuracy paired with the flexibility of textile materials?

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Application examples

  • Pressure sensors ► Application example pressure analysis for bicycle saddle
  • Temperature & humidity sensors
  • Inductive sensors & magnetic coils
  • RFID antennas for condition monitoring of fire protection clothing or as anti-theft devices
  • Washable UHF RFID tags, e.g. for identification of workwear
  • NFC tags for data transmission

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