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Ultra-light heating elements for heated delivery bags

When it comes to low weight, our heating elements for the B2B market are the first choice. Using a technical embroidery process, a thin heating conductor is applied precisely and tailor-made to an equally thin carrier material, which in combination results in an ultra-light and inexpensive heating element. Perfectly suited for mobile use, such as heated delivery bags for food or medicines.

Traditionally, delivery services face the challenge of keeping food or other sensitive products warm and fresh – especially on cold days. This often leads to compromises in the quality and temperature of the delivered goods.

In the world of fast and efficient delivery services, innovation is at the forefront. That’s where our heating elements come in, offering numerous benefits.

Advantages of heated delivery bags

  Maintaining the heat chain: The big advantage of heated delivery bags is, of course, their mobility. Instead of relying on heavy rechargeable batteries, they can also be operated using the 12V connection of the respective delivery vehicle in addition to a power supply unit on site.
Lightweight: The use of ultra-light heating elements means that delivery bags are lightweight, which makes handling easier for suppliers and reduces stress during delivery.
  Efficient heat distribution: Thanks to the technical embroidery process, the heating elements can be positioned precisely to ensure even heat distribution within the bags. This keeps the products optimally warm during transportation.
  Maintaining product quality: The heated delivery bags ensure that sensitive products such as food or medicines are kept in optimum conditions during transportation. This helps to maintain product quality and increase customer satisfaction.
  Efficient route planning: By knowing that products are kept warm during transportation, suppliers can plan more efficient routes without having to worry about loss of quality or complaints due to cold products.
 Aesthetics: The integration of the heating elements allows the external appearance of the heated delivery bags to remain unchanged. There are no additional bulky components that would be visible, which helps the delivery bags look professional and supports the brand image of the delivery services.

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Embro is a manufacturer of flexible, electric heating elements in individual sizes and shapes for the B2B market. We develop individual solutions for our customers – including manufacturers of infrared heaters – and produce cost-effectively in Germany – from prototypes to small and large series.

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